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QuraVis takes a holistic approach to communication that connects the Participant, Family and Carer with the Service Provider, Support Worker and Supervisor. This creates an environment of support that is visible, real-time and accountable.

  • Proven corporate capability
    • Client Resource Management
    • Participant Services & Scheduling
    • Financials
    • Human Resources (rostering)
    • Messaging (voice/text/voice-to-text)
    • Document Management
  • Inexpensive to operate – You pay only for what you need, scaling with the size and scope of your business as it grows.
  • Works for everyone – Participants, Families and Carers have control over the level of service they receive, and operational information and control put in the hands of Managers, Supervisors and Support Workers.
  • Granular Detail – Automatically logs and compiles data, allowing detailed analysis and generation of reports.
  • Reporting – embracing the National Standards for Disability Services incorporating elements such as Safeguarding and Complaints.



Participants, Families & Carers

QuraVis provides for open lines of communication between the Participants, their Families and Carers and your services support team.



Support Workers

Using the QuraVis mobile app out in the field, Support Workers are able to keep track of their daily and weekly service commitments.

Communicating through the messaging capabilities of the app with their Supervisor, Participant, Family or Carer.




QuraVis allows greater flexibility for a Supervisor to be mobile or attending to office bound duties and still be informed of the status of services to Participants.

The Supervisor is aware of service delivery issues, comments and administration requirements for each Support Worker.




Because QuraVis has the ability to collect data in a granular form, the design of dashboards and analysis tools are made easy.



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