Our Approach

Client Safeguarding

QuraVis includes features that promote and deliver best practice procedures that safeguard Participants, ensuring that they can live as happy and carefree a life as possible.

These procedures are provided through the app whereby the Support Worker must comply with a pre-service checklist, read relevant information and instructions that prepare the Support Worker in the event of an incident.

To achieve this, we provide tools and access to everyone in the care process, from family members to provider managers, so as to create a net of support to safeguard the participants from harm and stress.




Points of Difference

The holistic, all-in-one front-end approach of the QuraVis Suite sets us well apart from our competitors. Offering flexibility, efficiency and value for-money QuraVis provides features for the organisation.

  • Low Annual Cost – At a low, monthly, per-user cost, you pay only for what you need, scaling with the size and scope of your business.
  • Maximised Service Efficiency – Service productivity is managed and expenditure controlled.
  • Tailored for Organisations Small to Large – Only pay for what you use with an extended/modular platform.
  • Inclusive – Participants, families and their carers, allied health professionals, support workers, supervisors and managers join together to support the individual.
  • Embraces the Quality Framework – National Standards for Disability and Aged Care Services.
  • Reports and Analysis – Dashboards and reports are tailored to organisational business rules and statutory requirements.


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